Thursday, August 27, 2009

Warning: Don't mess with the natural order!!!

Ok... This post is me venting... Kuz PPL is messin with the order of things.

Ok... So I get up yesterday after being up for awhile and I might have been on the computer I hear a knock on my door. My cousin gets it and my brother is there(The youngest of them all.) He comes in the house right when my cousin decides(First time I spelled that right on the first try) that she wants to make waffles. I love waffles like life itself. But that was only two little waffles(With my little mix of chocolate thx to a certain teacher for putting me back on my rightful path of chocolate syrup) meaning that was only gonna hold me for so long. Later on in the day I get hungry again, but I was fine because I remember that mommy cooked chicken the night before that. Mmmm chicken. So here I was looking forward to some good chicken and a little of the stuff from that night's adventure only to find my fridge empty of the desired treasures. I blink a few times and close the fridge and open it again hoping that i was just buggin. I open it again only to see that indeed there was no food left. This time I stand in front of the fridge with the door open and ponder how this could be. There's always leftovers... Always. Then I think two extra big fat asses ate with us that night and with my crushed little self I sank back into my computer chair wondering what it was that I was going to eat. As time passed I kept going into the kitchen and like all ppl that live in this hood I opened the fridge every time hoping to see something new. Something quick and good to eat. Yes we have other stuff in there but nothing really.... really...instant. We've run out of noodles sadly. It is summer and my stomach acts up plus with the monthly friend right under me my options were limited. Mad that I had no quick food I start yelling(to no one in particular since the criminals were no where near the crime scene) about chicken. And my cousin goes, "Oh you was lookin for the chicken? You should of told me." I instantly started glowing. If someone told me to go to anyone of the many religious places that there are to pray I might of actually said yes at that moment.(I have nothing against religion and there place of worship I just stay away most of the time) She(my cousin) Walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge and showed me this huge piece of aluminum foil. By that time I felt like a starved orphan that had been deprived of food for a week. I opened it so hopeful and grateful that there was a little left from these beast here only to find that that huge piece of foil contained the smallest piece of chicken. I was a little upset but ate it none the less. I was starving so I ate it cold(I felt sorry for the chicken after the deed was done. Poor chicken) But you know what caught me? There was a chicken bone attached to the chicken.. Well less like attached and more like smashed together with the chicken(before I ate it.. I skipped a part) which I quizzed my cousin on. Her only response was, "That's all you're brother left. He said he didn't want it anymore." Then I took some kool aid from that night that I made and got full off of kool aid. I was curled up on my bed starving because I was too hungry to move. My mother finally cooked after getting mad at me for being hungry kuz I could of cooked... Like I could stand straight long enough to set it up. Anywho she finally cooked and I ate and felt so goooood. After the food was put up I relaxed a bit as I thought about how good that would be to eat for lunch the next day. My mother made these type of noodles just the way I like em(which I forgot was up there or else she might of had to cook something else) She barely makes those noodles for me tho. So My brother comes over again and I told that fat bastard not to eat up the food. Not like the fucker listens but I didn't really think about it. So I wake up this mornin(My last day of freedom since I start skool 2morrow) to my cousin who made breakfast... It was kinda like breakfast in bed. I love her at times. So after I get up to take my dishes into the kitchen I check the fridge to make sure that all way is order for later for my mid day snack. I am a fat ass yes, but I limit myself to only eat things that wouldn't stop other people from being fat ass. Mainly I eat my own CLAIMED food. I felt insulted to see that opps his big ass done did it again. He was seriously fukkin with the order of things. He don't live here. So now I have my idea... Imma make my plate for the next day the same time as the first for that night. And if he eat my food again Imma stab him in his damned ankle with the blade that I showed him. I may be going through a little emotional stride, but I don't care because either way he is still messin with the order of my fat assery and I don't like it....

Quote: "Samantha you're fat." I stop and look the idiot up and down as I reply, "Yea. So? I don't care because when I die they're not gonna put me on a scale and say that if I'm over 200lbs then I'm going to hell... Besides, I'm going to hell anyway."

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